PRIVACY POLICY – Our Privacy and Data Policy

You will have received a lot of e-mails recently. Basically, 99% of them will have said the same thing. “Our terms and conditions and our privacy policy are changing.”

he reason for this is GDPR. If you think that stands for German Democratic People’s Republic and they’re a certainty for the women’s shot putt gold medal, you’re just showing your age. It stands for General Data Protection Regulation, a piece of legislation from the European Union which has been two years in the making and came into effect on Friday May 25th.

It affects all companies or organisations that hold and/or process the data of people living within the European Union and the European Free Trade Association. We’re no exception, so we have explained our privacy and data policy below. We have also explained why we collect your data, what we collect, how we keep it, how it’s processed, how long it is kept for and what we’ll do if you don’t want us to hold that data any more.

Who are we?

We are Sports Betting Online and our aim is simple – to provide you with the very best information about fixed matches in the world that offer sports betting. But hand-in-hand with that commitment is an equal commitment to your privacy, and the protection of any data which we hold about you.

Our Data Protection Officer

You’ll see the initials DPO a lot in what follows. They stand for Data Protection Officer: it is a requirement of GDPR that any company or organisation who process data must appoint a DPO. This is the person within the company/organisation ultimately responsible for protecting your data – and whose job it is to report any data breaches with might affect security within 72 hours. So GDPR should ensure there are no more instances of very large organisations saying, “Oh, by the way. We lost 20m account details six months ago…”

Getting in touch with us

t is a key requirement of GDPR that you know how to get in touch with us. Most importantly, if you have a question about your personal data then you should contact our DPO. The address is

If you have as general question about the site, or you’d like more information on what we do, then contact us at

Finally, if you have a sports betting site that you would like us to feature, then please contact our commercial team on

The data we hold about you

In order to run our site, we need to hold some personal data. However, in line with our privacy policy we give you control over what data we hold. We do this by splitting our data into two separate categories, Population Metrics and Personal Information, which we explain below.

Population Metrics

This is the data which we use to monitor the performance of our site, and to make sure it is working effectively and efficiently. We need to know how many people look at each page and how they get there. For example, how many people who read about sports betting company A then click through to it? How many people who look at company B also look at company C? Knowing data like this helps us to provide the best possible service, and negotiate the best possible offers on your behalf.

But what is important to us in this is the weight – or aggregate – of data and therefore all individual data is “anonymized” and cannot be used in any way to reveal someone’s identity.

We do this by using “cookies” – small pieces of information placed on your browser. When someone visits a page on our site a random number is assigned to that visit, and stored in a “cookie.” As they move around the site so further random numbers are generated and next time someone visits the site, the cookies pick up where they left off.

It is these random numbers that allow us to monitor the performance of our site, not data on individual site users. However, should you want to opt out of our population metrics, you can do that by following the information here:

Personal Data

Good news. We only collect personal data in one case: that’s when you actively opt-in to our newsletter.

When you do that we simply collect your e-mail address. We then send you a verification e-mail: if you don’t respond to this in two weeks then your e-mail is removed from our database.

If you do respond, and verify your e-mail, then we start the process of sending you regular newsletters and occasional special offers and incentives.

Should you at any time want to opt-out of the e-mails you receive from us the you can do so in one of two ways:

Click on the unsubscribe button, that is on every e-mail we send you

Or, e-mail our DPO and ask to be unsubscribed: the address is

In both cases we will remove you from our e-mail list, and remove any data that we hold about you.

It may be that you are unsure whether you are on our e-mail list. If you would like clarification on this, then e-mail our DPO on the address above.


Our Usage
We use Google Analytics to be able to optimize our website designs, gain insight on popular features, identify usage trends, track the delivery of our promotional content and, more generally, to know our market better in terms of geographical distribution, demography and usage patterns.

Our legal basis for using this script within our website is a legitimate business interest. Without using Google Analytics, we would not be able to constantly update the website to ensure that we are providing you with the best services that we can provide you with relative to the competition. All the data that is provided to us by this script is either anonymous or pseudonymous and therefore serves a function strictly in relation to research that we conduct to be able to continuously improve our services. 



We have now summarised the rights you have under GDPR, and the obligations we will meet. As you will see, you can request us to do several different things with your data: if you do this, then we must act on your request within 28 days of that request. We must also pass your request on to any relevant third parties within the same time frame. This applies to all the rights listed below.

The “right to be forgotten”

You can ask us to delete all the data which we hold on you

Asking us to stop processing your data

In this case we will stop using your data and anonymize all the data we hold on you.

Access to your data

You can request access to all the data we hold. We will send this to you in an e-mail file – but please note that we may need to verify your identity before we send such data. In this case our DPO would contact you to obtain any necessary information.

Corrections to your data

If you think some of the data we hold about you is wrong, or incorrect, you can ask that we correct that data.

You can impose restrictions on the processing of your data

This goes back to the information we gave on population metrics. Should you wish us to stop using your data in population metrics then we will do so.

Profiling and/or direct marketing

As we mentioned in the introduction we sometimes deliver special offers or marketing initiatives on our site. Should you prefer not to see these messages then we will amend our records accordingly and stop such messages appearing.

Moving your data to a third-party location

Lastly, GDPR gives you the right to request that we move your data to the third-party location.


With the best will in the world, mistakes occasionally happen. If you ever want to complain about the way in which we have handled your data then please contact our DPO with your complaint.

You can also contact our DPO if you need the above rights clarifying or explaining in more detail.

Thank you

The GDPR regulations are complicated. We’ve done our best to simplify them, and make them as readable as possible. But if you still have questions now you have read the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We take our obligations regarding your data very seriously, and – regulations or no regulations – we will continue to do our utmost to protect that data. Just as we will do our utmost to keep TSP the very best site for sports betting online.

The team

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