Sportsbook Reviews

The internet has given us many great things, and for gambling enthusiasts, probably the finest thing it has delivered is online betting. Gone are the days of having to visit local betting shops or underground oddsmakers who work to huge margins; now bettors have the choice of sending their business to any one of hundreds of different firms at the click of a fingertip. Hot competition between books has led to more generous odds and attractive promotions for customers, which gives them a better chance than ever of making money. Our comprehensive sportsbook reviews will give you a guide to the best online betting sites out there.

Reviewing Betting Websites

While having so much choice is an obvious benefit to punters, it does come with its issues. The quality and integrity of online bookmakers really do vary, and bettors should be clued up on each site they use before parting with their hard-earned cash. That is where Sports Betting Online’s sportsbook reviews can help.  As experts in the online betting sphere, we analyze and review the best online betting sites with a fine toothcomb, identifying the pros and cons of each firm. The list below is self-explanatory and should help you choose a betting site that suits your needs.

What We Look At

Our sportsbook reviews are extremely detailed and cover all of the essential factors that bettors need to know before using a sportsbook. Firstly and most importantly is the legitimacy and security of the bookmaker. There is no use having an account with a bookmaker if they are renowned for withholding funds or undertaking unscrupulous practices, as it doesn’t matter how successful an individual is as a punter if they cannot get their money. Other things that are taken into consideration include:

  • Design Of The Site: A professional and easy to navigate website is important. Everything should be intuitive and bettors should be able to find their desired markets/bets quickly.
  • Number Of Markets/Sports: A good sportsbook will offer a wide array of sports for customers to bet on (20+ is around standard). Horse racing is a sport that requires constant attention as it is on almost every day and odds move all the time, so typically only the bigger firms will price it up. On top of a good list of sports, it is important to have good depth to the markets – that is, a large number of different bet types for each game.
  • Generosity Of Odds: Bookmakers can offer concessions, have a huge number of sports to bet on, but it doesn’t matter if their betting books are compiled to criminal percentages. The closer to 100% the better for customers and our sportsbook reviews look at how firms perform in terms of the competitiveness of their odds over a variety of markets.
  • Promotions/Bonuses: The ferocity of competition for new business among the best online betting sites has led to bookmakers offering generous bonuses and concessions when individuals sign up. However, there is a lot of fine print that comes with ‘free bets’ and ‘cash back’ and within our sportsbook reviews, we assess their concessions and scrutinise the terms and conditions to ensure that the advertised bonuses are actually achievable (in terms of being able to obtain the amount stated and easily withdraw the winnings).
  • Payment Methods: There is a new payment provider/service popping up every day, and generally the best online betting sites have been good at incorporating new payment solutions into their websites. We look at the number of different payment types available with each bookmaker, their minimum/maximum deposit amounts, and whether they charge a fee at all.
  • Countries Served: Countries all around the world have different laws regarding gambling. In turn, online bookies have contrasting approaches in whether to respect those laws. After all, in the vast majority of cases, the responsibility of knowing the local regulations lies with the individual betting. Firms do vary in the countries that they will accept sign-ups from. Our sportsbook reviews identify those countries where individuals cannot access different sites.
  • Customer Services: We look at how accessible and comprehensive customer services are. Can the bookmaker be contacted by e-mail, live chat, and telephone? How many hours per day are the staff on the clock? Obviously, a 24-hour customer services department is desirable, as if there are any queries with bets, customers want them resolved ASAP. The best online betting sites make customer service a priority.

How Do We Compare Sites And Are All Sites Equal?

Our sportsbook reviews look at all of the above factors and access each bookmaker’s website to get a real client experience. Only by navigating around the website, speaking to customer services and identifying the depth of markets can we give an accurate assessment of the best online betting sites.

With hundreds of bookmakers out there, it comes as no surprise that all sites are not equal in terms of their offerings. There is a real discrepancy in the quality of services offered by different operators, from the number of markets offered, to the competitiveness of odds to the professionalism of customer services.  Companies such as BetVictor and ComeOn are leading the way among European bookmakers, whilst Dafabet has the Asian market well and truly cornered.

Safety Concerns

Customers should always be cautious when visiting an online bookmaker they have not heard of, especially if the website looks low budget. Some of these operators fold and clients lose all of their funds without having a chance to retrieve them. Although there are some reputable companies who are licensed in the Caribbean (Curacao), the majority of rogue bookmakers tend to operate from this region due to the relatively easy licensing laws and low chance of legal action. Firms operating out of Europe are typically easier to contact and there is more likelihood of customers retrieving their money in the case of a dispute. Our sportsbook reviews will help you avoid the worst of the bunch.

Another advantage of choosing an established and reputable betting company with a legitimate website is the fact that there is likely to be a more advanced security encryption, meaning that there is less chance of the site being compromised.

Legal Concerns

As mentioned, the legality of online gambling varies by country. Some bookmakers respect the individual laws of different countries, while others give punters the choice as to whether they want to contravene their home nation’s legislation. There is also a variation in how seriously governments of different countries view breaches of the law when it comes to online gambling, with some punishing the individuals with fines, whilst others target the operators rather than the people. Use our sportsbook reviews to determine which are the best online betting sites in your part of the world.


There are several ways bookmakers can scam customers. From taking bettors’ money and closing their site, to offering unrealistic bonuses, some firms will do anything to exploit honest punters. The bonus scam is probably the most common nowadays. For instance, a book will offer an enticing promotion such as ‘deposit $20, get $100 in free bets’.  Customers sign up in their droves and deposit their funds, only to find out that to withdraw their initial deposit and the promo money, they have to turn over the total ($120), 20 times on doubles with minimum odds of 3.00 . Obviously, the chance of being able to do this is absolutely minimal, and as such, the bookmaker pocket the initial deposit money virtually every time.

Not honoring bets is another scam used by sportsbooks once a bet has won. Firms will come up with baffling reasons as to why a bet is not being settled; collusion, incorrect odds, suspicious betting activity etc. In most cases, it is very difficult for punters to retrieve their money. Many of our followers let us know if they have encountered problems with online bookies, enabling us to update our sportsbook reviews and keep you informed. Bettors who use bookies in Europe have more security in these cases, as many of the reputable firms are signed up to IBAS (Independent Betting Adjudication Service). IBAS act as an impartial adjudicator in the case of a dispute and the bookmakers agree to abide by their decisions. Online gamblers are advised to use these companies, as they tend to be more secure are less likely to scam customers. Read more on the angles that are taken by rogue operators in the scams section.

So there you have it. There is lots of information in our sportsbook reviews for bettors to digest when deciding on which bookmaker to use. Many will go in head first and pick an online operator with the best odds or the biggest sign-up bonus, but it is worth delving deeper than that by reading our sportsbook reviews. Luckily, here at Sports Betting Online, we do the hard work for you and provide comprehensive information on the best online betting sites that you, the punter, can rely on.